Chris Muhs with Oregon Senator, Jeff Merkley, in his Senate Office in Washington D.C. on February 2, 2010

A Message from Chris R. Muhs


With the beautiful summer weather as a distant memory and winter fast approaching, itís time to prepare for shorter days and stormier weather. On behalf of Local 324ís Executive Board and staff, I would like to wish everyone safe and Happy Holidays! Letís all remember the importance of family during the seasons and how important our fellow union Brothers and Sisters are in maintaining our standard of living and that of future generations.


Iím happy to announce new staff members. Paula Lawrence has been promoted to Office Manager after serving nearly 18 months as the Office Assistant. The Office Manager vacancy was posted online and the Local received more than 57 applicants through the online site and other sources. In mid-October and after multiple interviews with prospective applicants it was determined that Paula was the best choice to fill the vacancy and her promotion was recommended by the IBT Field TITAN Representative that was working with her. Melody Sands has been appointed as Paulaís replacement as the Localís Office Assistant. Congratulations to them both!!! I encourage our members to stop by the Local and introduce yourselves to the new staff.


            At UPS, contract negotiations have begun. I attended the opening Western Region Supplemental negotiations held in southern California on October 30th and 31st; additional dates are set for January, February and March. For the JC37 Sort and Package Riders, negotiations started on November 28th, 29th and 30th in Portland. Iím happy to report that stewards Rod Trussell and Carol Scott from the Salem UPS Center and Colby Brewer from the Corvallis UPS Center were in attendance with me. Future dates for JC37 bargaining are set for December 28th and 29th. Make sure to keep the SOLIDARITY to win a strong contract!!! UPS is also gearing up for yet another Peak Season. Itís important to stay safe! Iíd like to remind everyone that you are only bound contractually to give ďan honest dayís work for an honest dayís payĒ, so donít kill yourselves out there and utilize the helpers that the Company will be hiring.


Remember that General Membership Meetings have resumed and are held on the third Thursday of each month excluding June, July and August at 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM. Our next Meetings will be on December 21, 2017. Sometimes meeting dates are changed due to scheduling conflicts, so make sure to check your Union Bulletin Board for accurate dates. Be active in your Local Union and join your fellow Brothers and Sisters to hear about whatís going on. We hold drawings at each meeting for random prizes and provide snacks; we want every member to attend!!!


            The Cash & Carry contracts have finally been signed and will be distributed in the coming weeks. At Food Services of America (FSA), the signatory Local Unions have reviewed the Companyís draft of the new Labor Agreement(s) and found several errors including incorrect wage rates. We are in communications with the Company to rectify this and once finalized, the Agreements will be signed and distributed. We appreciate everyoneís patience so that we can make sure the Agreements are correct.


LEAVING EMPLOYMENT??? Be sure to request a withdrawal card when being laid off, going on a leave of absence, military leave, lengthy medical leave (when exceeding a full calendar month) or terminating your employment. All fees including initiation, back dues and/or late fees must be paid before a withdrawal card can be issued. Please take the time to protect your Membership status by calling our office immediately upon your absence from your employment. Failure to call our office to request a withdrawal card may result in you owing additional dues. If you should ever have questions about your Membership status, please call our office at 503-378-1421.



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